UROMED Catheter Valve Universal

UROMED Catheter Valve Universal


UROMED Catheter Valve Universal

REF 1501 Adapter with bladder catheter for patients who do not wish to carry the urine bag permanently.

The adapter prevents urine leakage between the catheter and the urine bag at night !!!

Bladder emptying can be done by pressing a button on the adapter.

The grooved part of the adapter is connected to the catheter and the other side can also be connected to the urine bag overnight if necessary.

The adapter must not be removed from the catheter until the permanent catheter has been replaced. Otherwise, bacteria may enter through the catheter opening and inflammation may occur.

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  • For patients with a bladder catheter who do not wish to carry the urine bag permanently;
  • For methodical bladder muscle training;
  • Instead of a cap.

Product features:

  • One-handed;
  • Hygienic;
  • Easy button push mechanism (in-close button, out-open button);
  • With a wide lumen, rapid emptying, reduces the risk of clogging;
  • Very light (10 g);
  • Firmly and securely connects to the bladder catheter, thanks to a standard grooved transition;
  • Suitable for all permanent catheters;
  • DEHP and latex free;
  • The Uromed Catheter Adapter is small and very light in design, it is hardly noticeable that it is a valve attached to the catheter, a cap;
  • All Uromed urology products are of high quality, Uromed is a specialist in incontinence care products with over 50 years of experience.
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