Gynecological mesh implants

Leading implant developer FEG Textiltechnik GmbH manufactures its products in Germany. The FEG’s award-winning meshes are successfully marketed under the internationally brand DynaMesh® in many countries around the world. Constant and close contact with major scientific, medical and technical institutions ensures that the FEG’s high-quality products meet the latest patient comfort and surgical requirements.

DynaMesh® products are made using technology that allows specific variations in the shape and structure of the textile mesh implant, which means that different properties and characteristics have been constructed in different locations. The mesh are most accurately applied according to the indication, even more precise application is impossible.

DynaMesh® filaments have excellent biocompatibility, significantly lower levels of granuloma formation (scar tissue), fewer foreign body reactions such as scar contractions or pain compared to conventional polymers. In addition, the fibers are thinner and smoother than ordinary threads.

Product categories:

  • Surgical abdominal wall and song mesh;

  • Parastomal meshes;

  • Gynecological meshes;

  • Female urinary incontinence meshes;

  • Women’s pelvic floor repair mesh;

  • Male urinary incontinence meshes.

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