The UROMED CORAZOR® biopsy device is the first in the world to offer a semi-automatic and automatic mode.

It can be used conveniently with one hand and has a large and durable suspension mechanism. 3-point fixation of CORAZOR® biopsy needles ensures safe handling for the doctor. The gun also has special contamination protection, ensuring maximum safety for doctors.

The »CORAZOR®« biopsy cannulas and the new »CORAZOR®« biopsy device are perfectly synchronized with each other. The biopsy gun allows for exceptionally accurate and accurate sampling of tissue – especially with ultrasound procedures.

Designed with the highest needs

  • high spring tension for powerful penetration and optimal tissue yield

  • easy to use with one hand

  • trigger for semi or fully automatic

  • time-consuming unlocking is not necessary due to the special pressure point lock

  • easy tensioning

  • Bullet depth either 15 or 22 mm

  • tailor-made use with »CORAZOR®« punch biopsy cannulas

Phenomenal results

»CORAZOR ® « UROMED punch biopsy cannulas

Cannula selection 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G
For biopsy and soft tissue sampling.

  • Axial rotary grinding for very good biopsy quality

  • optimal guidance due to excellent 3-point fixation of the inserted cannula

  • smooth guiding through special polishing – even with curved cannula guiding

  • with cannula protection to protect against needlestick injuries

  • Ensuring sterility – even when the device is closed and cocked

  • Contamination protection through extended plastic approach

  • easy insertion of the cannula

  • Luer connection allows aspiration or local anesthesia

  • suitable for ultrasound-controlled or hand-guided biopsy

  • 1: 1 graduation, every 5 cm stronger graduation

Details with great effect:

  • accurate insertion of the cannula

  • even more secure fixation

  • even more stable guidance of the cannula

  • even better power transmission from the spring to the cannula

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